The Southern Shores Police Department offers the following services as a courtesy to it's residents. For any additional question regarding these services, please do not hesitate to contact the business office during office hours.


The Southern Shores Police Department offers fingerprinting services for its citizens and it doesn't require you to wear a pair of silver bracelets. There are a variety of reasons someone may need to be fingerprinted but often fingerprints are required for many job applications or professional licenses. Simply come by the Police Department between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday and we will be happy to take your fingerprints. An appointment is not required but do keep in mind that you may have a short wait depending upon the availability of the duty officer. If you were provided fingerprint cards as part of your application package, please bring them with you; however, we do have copies of applicant cards here. We take fingerprints the old-fashioned way using ink which does clean up quite nicely. However, if you prefer the inkless method, the Dare County Detention Center has a fingerprint machine and they do offer printing services. You may contact the Detention Center at 252-473-6400 for more information.

Property ID

Statistically you will be the victim of a property crime at least once in your lifetime. Should that happen, there are things that you can do which would help the police and increase your chances of recovering your property. Keep a written record (two copies would be best) of the makes, models and serial numbers for all your electronic equipment, home appliances, bicycles, etc. These items specifically identify your property and can be traced nationwide. For all items that can not be identified using a unique number such as jewelry, collectibles, etc, take pictures of those items and record any identifying marks. You may additionally mark personal items such as tools or electronics using an engraver. Use information that is unique such as a driver's license number. You may contact the Southern Shores Police Department for information on the use of an engraver. The Police Department can also make a video recording of the content of your home at your request.

Residence Check

Property owners in Dare County face an unusual problem in that the property they own often isn't a full time residence. Either they own rental property or they have a second home which may be occupied a few months out of the year. As such, these properties are often prey to thieves who know all too well that these homes make easy targets. In addition to many other crime prevention methods, the Southern Shores Police Department offers a residence check for homes that will be empty for more than a few days. The homeowner just needs to fill out a simple form outlining contact information, dates that the residence will be empty and any other pertient information that the police will need in your absence. At least once in a 48 hour period, the duty officer will ride by the residence to make sure that all is secure. In the event that a crime has occurred, the officer will know how to contact you or the appropriate caretaker. We offer this courtesy as a deterent but other measures for safeguarding your home are advised.  Simply stop by the police department during normal business hours to pick up a form or click here to download one